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Death Trooper Toys and Action Figures

When Rogue One came out in December 2016, the movie did something that almost no one thought possible: recapture the feel of the original trilogy without just rehashing old plots. It told the story of a plucky band of rebels intent on stealing the plans to a secret Imperial super weapon while on the run from sinister agents intent on… Ok, when you put it that way, it actually sounds exactly like the plot of the original Star Wars, but shut up; the movie was dope.

And, in addition to emulating (which is not the same thing as rehashing) the atmosphere of the originals, it also managed to introduce a few new concepts into a galaxy far, far away. Now, thanks to Rogue One, we know that the Death Star is powered by the same crystals that fuel Jedi lightsabers. We get hints that, while good intentioned, the Rebel Alliance really is a kind of terrorist group that sometimes does bad things to accomplish its high-minded goals. We see that accelerating past the speed of light while in an atmosphere and surrounded by a tectonic plate’s worth of planetary impact ejecta somehow doesn’t result in an explosion big enough to birth a new universe (take that Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity).

And, we get to meet the death troopers.

What are death troopers? That can be a tough one to pin down, thanks to some disavowed Star Wars Legends stories involving zombified stormtroopers (but then that’s Star Wars Legends for you). But in the totally-not-jumping-the-shark official canon (you know, the one with time-travel and Mary-Poppins Leia), death troopers are a bit less supernatural, and a whole lot more sinister.

Take the faceless menace of you basic stormtrooper, trade in his white duds for some sleek black armor (à la Darth Vader), garble his voice to the point where he talks like an assassin droid, and then give him enough ordinance to incinerate the ears off of a gundark, and you’ll have a feel for what a death trooper is. Sure, the “new” Imperial royal guards in Last Jedi may have looked like they were made from happy-meal grade plastic, but the death troopers are built out of pure nightmare fuel. Supplemental materials even describe them as stealth trooper specialists, being somewhat analogous to US Navy Seals. Pretty boss, huh?  

Of course, they made their debut in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, not Death Trooper One: An Even Better Star Wars Story, so we don’t get to see them mop the floor with said plucky rebels. In fact, given that almost every black armored trooper on screen is either acting as a very visible bodyguard to Director Krennic, shooting unarmed Imperial scientists, or failing to track a seven-year-old girl on a planet covered in volcanic ash, it can be difficult to reconcile their trooper-specialist status, but hey, sometimes an informed ability is good enough. And they did get some named-character kills on Scarif; that’s more than any standard stormtrooper can claim (the ones that killed Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru don’t count).

Death troopers even showed up on the small screen thanks to Star Wars: Rebels, once again flanking a high-ranking Imperial officer (Thrawn this time, not Krennic) instead of conducting ultra secret black ops (but then that’s Star Wars: Rebels for you). They shot down a mystical force monster, though. That’s pretty cool, right?

Maybe the point is that when it comes to Star Wars, sometimes the less someone actually does the cooler they end up looking. Take Boba Fett. He does approximately two things in Empire (three if you count the fact that he attended what must have been an incredibly awkward dinner with Darth Vader, Lando, Han, and Princess Leia), and we’ve all been gaga for him ever since. Death troopers inherit this grand legacy.

And that makes them perfect additions to your collection, by way of Megalopolis.

If you’re looking for a traditional-yet-awesome death trooper action figure, you can’t go wrong with the Star Wars: The Black Series Imperial Death Trooper figure. This figure comes with two blasters, stands 3.75” tall, and features multiple points of articulation. Whether furthering the cause of order and justice on the beaches of Scarif, or furthering the cause of looking cool on your shelf, this death trooper toy is right at home.

For even more detail, more accessories, and about two and a half more inches in height, why not upgrade to the Star Wars Mafex Death Trooper Figure? Multiple blasters, removable pauldron and ammo packs, and two head options (standard death trooper and death trooper specialist) make this figure the gold standard.

But why settle for collecting death troopers when you can actually (but not actually) become a death trooper? Megalopolis has wearable death troopers helmets (again, standard death trooper and trooper specialist), so that you can stand ominously and speak in garbled droid-speak wherever you go.

Memorialize the brave fanatics who gave their lives on Scarif to protect the Empire’s most important secrets (and then died when one of those secrets shot the planet from orbit); Megalopolis has the death trooper action figure, toy, and wearable options you need to show off a little Imperial pride. So what are you waiting for? Rogue One redefined the Star Wars universe, and now, thanks to the right death trooper toy, you can redefine your collection.   

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