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Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Z is a franchise that really does have something for everyone. Want some good family drama? It doesn’t get much better than Vegeta’s dismissive attitude towards his own adult, time-traveling son Trunks. How about humor? The failed fusion transformations are comedy gold, particularly when they occur mid battle (Veku’s innovative use of flatulence to escape Super Janemba notwithstanding). In the mood for Romance? Videl’s and Gohan’s relationship went from blackmail to wedding bells, and culminated in the birth of their daughter, Pan.

And, of course, there’s even some spiky blond haired fighting thrown in here and there (if you’re into that sort of thing).

From Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies through Dragon Ball: Resurrection 'F', and incorporating over 30 years of movies, television shows, manga, and video games, Toriyama’s ki blasting masterpiece has been consistently popular in both the East and the West for decades. And it’s not hard to see why.

Where else can you watch Earth get blown up four different times in a single franchise? Where else does intense martial arts training give you the ability to fly? Where else can a mass-murdering monster turn things around so completely that he actually becomes part of the protagonist’s team (this happens more than once, by the way)? Heck, even death is cooler than in other shows; thanks to the wishing power of the Dragon Balls, resurrection is not only possible, but actually pretty commonplace (Goku, the series protagonist, has died two, three, or four times, depending on whom you ask), to the point where the afterlife is treated more like a waiting room than an eternal reward.

The point is that Dragon Ball Z is an insane fan experience, and thanks to Megalopolis, you can bring the insanity home, with high-quality Dragon Ball Z collectables.

Dragon Ball Z action figures and statues, minor characters and living legends, Saiyan, Super Saiyan, and just about every other hair-color power level of Saiyan ever imagined — Megalopolis has it all. If Goku is your bag (whether you prefer the Masako Nozawa voiced japanese version or not), then enjoy picking from dozens of Goku variations, from adorable monkey-tailed kid Goku (with or without flying nimbus cloud), all the way to super-evil bodysnatcher Goku Black.

Prefer to wreck up the world rather than save it? Check out Dragon Ball Z bad guys, including Beerus, Cell, Frieza (in pretty much any form you could want — from shoulder-pad heavy first appearance to Dragon Ball: Resurrection ‘F’ Golden Frieza) and more. These toys may not be able to blow up the world, but they’re guaranteed to blow up your collection (figuratively speaking; if they actually blow up your collection, feel free to contact Megalopolis customer support).

Want to bring a feminine touch to your collection? Android 17, Android 18, Videl, and Bulma (demonstrating exactly what it was that got Vegeta interested in the first place) are all available.

Megalopolis also has multi-figure sets to get things going all at once. And yes, there are even Shenron BAF options, so you can summon the Divine Dragon himself (wish granting not included).

Dragon Ball Figuarts, Bandai Japan (Shokugan), and Bandai America Dragon Ball Z toys offer unprecedented articulation and accessories, while Funko Pop! Dragon Ball Z figures take things a little less seriously. Top it all off with some hyper detailed statues from Banpresto, and sit back and watch your collection power up.

The drama, the comedy, the romance, and yes, the insane action of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Z can be yours. After all, Dragon Ball Z offers something for everyone, and now with Dragon Ball Z merchandise from Megalopolis, you can find the perfect addition to push your collection’s power levels up past Super Saiyan — spiky blonde hair and all.

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