Votoms 1/12 Scale ATM-09-ST Scopedog by Threezero - PRE-ORDER SHIPS Q2 2017!

Product Description: Scopedog: - Fully-articulated 1/12th scale figure that stands 13" (33cm) tall. - All finger-joints are articulated. - Can be transformed into crouching mode. - Includes the Arm Punch gimmick feature. - Pelvis joints can be adjusted vertically in 3-steps to adjust the leg lengths. - Articulated Turn Picks and Roller Dash wheels on each foot. Weapon: - GAT-22 Heavy Machinegun with detachable fabric belt with barrel and stock that can be exchanged/detached to take the "short barrel" form. - Machinegun magazine x 3. (detachable) - Arm Punch magazine x 8. (detachable) - Arm Punch magazine holder (holds 3 Arm Punch magazines) x 2. (detachable) Pilot Figure: - Fully-articulated pilot figure stands 6" (15cm) tall. - Pilot can be positioned inside Scopedog's cockpit. - Comes with Bahauser M571 Armor Magnum. - 7 interchangeable hands (1 pair of fists, 1 pair of relaxed hands, and 1 pair of hands for holding control stick, one right hand for holding gun).

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