Egg Attack Action #014S Star Wars Ep. IV Dewback W/ Imperial Sandtrooper by Beast Kingdom - PRE-ORDER SHIPS AUGUST

Product Size: Dewback: 10.25 inches (26cm) long Sandtrooper 6 inches (15.50cm) tall Do you remember the cutest ride on Tatooine? It’s a lizard and a Sandtrooper’s best friend. Beast Kingdom introduces the popular Dewback from Star Wars: A New Hope. Its hide is incredibly detailed, with each scale coming to life, and skilled ornamentation adding layers. Made of vinyl, the Dewback has 10 movable joints: the head, 4 legs, 4 ankles, and its tail. This figure also comes with saddlebags, bringing out a certain cuteness. The Sandtrooper stands 6 inches tall and features 24 points of articulation and includes a wide array of accessories. The Sandtrooper is also able to sit comfortably in the Dewback’s saddle. SPECIAL FEATURES: Dewback: -Possesses 10 movable joints -The Dewback’s saddle bags and accessories have been carefully painted -Detailing on the Dewback’s scales was painstakingly replicated -The Dewback is made of vinyl, giving it a lifelike appearance Sandtrooper: - Possesses 24 movable joints - Comes with orange captain’s epaulette - Comes with 3 interchangeable hands - E-11 blaster rifle and T-21 light repeating blaster - SD-48 survival pack - Special stand

Please be aware that pre-order shipment dates are manufacturer estimates and subject to change by the manufacturer.

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