Gundam Build Fighters Try - Chara'GGuy Gyanko - By Bandai Japan - PRE-ORDER SHIPS JUNE 2017

Pre-Order for June 2017 Release - Product size: Approx 3.5" The ever popular characters from Gundam Build Fighters Try, Fumina and Gyanko, have transformed into the cute new Chara'Gguy! The Sazaki Kaoruko (AKA "Gyanko") Chara'Gguy comes even comes with pretty twin tails and optional Petit'Gguy head part so you can display it in two ways! Set includes Gyanko head, display base, and joint parts. Runner x4. Sticker sheet x1. Instruction manual x1.

Please be aware that pre-order shipment dates are manufacturer estimates and subject to change by the manufacturer.  

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