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The 40th Anniversary Bonanza

Dude, can you believe it? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are hitting the big 4-0 this year! They're more popular than ever, with the Last Ronin comic killing it on the bestseller lists and a bunch of new TMNT series and games making waves. It's like they're up there with the big league icons now, no kidding!

Totally Tubular TV Show Plans

Heads up, the TMNT scene is getting a fresh TV series on Paramount+. It's called "Tales of the TMNT," picking up right after "Mutant Mayhem." Get this - the Turtles are going to high school! Can't wait to see what kind of shell-shocking adventures they'll get into.

Radical Toys and Merch

TMNT action figures are flying off the shelves faster than a ninja in the night! There's buzz about some seriously cool figures coming up, like ones based on the "Shredder in Hell" series. And hey, rumor has it we might even see a Technodrome playset. Cowabunga!

A Glimpse of Shredder in Mutant Mayhem

We caught a sneak peek of Shredder in the last flick, but that was just a tease. Word on the street is we'll get a full reveal this year. Maybe even a trailer for the next movie! How shell-shocking would that be?

Turtles in the Gaming World

Hold onto your shells, gamers! A Last Ronin video game is in the works, promising a gnarly, single-player adventure. It's gonna be epic, like playing in your own TMNT movie!

40 Years of Turtle Power

The TMNT legacy is just getting bigger, with events, new comics, and possibly even more nostalgia trips with reboots of classic content. It's an exciting time to be a fan, whether you're old-school or just jumping on the bandwagon!

So, what are your wild predictions for the TMNT's 40th year? Drop your thoughts and let's chat about it! 🐢🍕

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rose toy for women